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Ocala Munch
Thursday, February 09, 2017, 06:00pm - 10:00pm
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When: 2nd Thursday each  month
Time: 6 PM - 10 PM. (Munch hosts arrive around 5:30 so come early if you want!) Discussion will start around 7:15PM.
Location: Provided to those who give a definite RSVP.
Confirmations: Will be sent out 2 - 3 days prior to the munch with location & directions.
Cost: Cost of your meal/drinks + be sure to tip your server!


Topic:  "What is this "Age-Play" dynamic all about anyway? ~ A round-table discussion!"

List of Round-table presenters (links take you to their FetLife profiles)~ See Bios below. *("may" change & will be updated as they are confirmed):*

~ A Round-Table Presentation & Discussion with time for those attending to ask questions of the round-table presenters.   Come join us and learn more about this dynamic & often misunderstood aspect of WIITWD!

  • When:  Thursday, February 9, 2017.
  • Time:  6 PM - 10 PM (the munch hosts arrive around 5:30 PM, so come early if you'd like). The "Round-Table Discussion"* will start around 7:30 PMish.
  • Location:  Provided to those who give a definite "Going" RSVP.  At a new venue this month.  
  • Confirmations:  To be sent out 2 - 3 days prior to the munch with location & directions.*
  • Cost:  Cost of your meal/drinks + be sure to tip your server!

Bios (as I get them):

HrDaddyDomDaddy Dom & Discussion Facilitator

~ I've been involved in the scene for almost 15 years. I've identified as a Daddydom for nearly as long. Age play has always had a special place in my heart. I love the idea of taking care of and guiding my littles, giving them the care and discipline that they crave. HrDaddyDom is also the leader of the North Central Florida Age Play group.


~ I have twenty years experience in this Lifestyle. In those twenty years I have run the gamut from submissive to slave to pain slut to babygirl. Somewhere in all of that exploration, I discovered my "middle." Although I am an not an Age Player, I AM somewhat spoiled and possess a love for all things neon, zig zags and polka dots! I possess what I like to call "angeltude" which is sort of attitude with smart ass mixed in. I don't take guff from anyone but I also don't give it unless it's necessary. My angeltude has been known to get me in some sticky situations but my baby blues often help get me out of those very same situations. After all the years of exploration, I now identify as a Submissive Babygirl with Middle tendencies.  On January 12, 2017, babygirl angel was official collared to Daddy Ray.  

Rahh - Little

~ I'm am a Little who occasionally experiences age regression, and a little girl when part of a Daddy/little girl dynamic. I found my Little three years ago while attending a South Florida Littles party (we made Thanksgiving hand turkey art!!) And while I imagine I've always been rather childlike in my interests and excitation, I didn't really embrace it until I found a safe space with others like me. Being able to express my little side in a non-threatening and non-sexual environment has been a great relief, and gives me an outlet to de-stress, be creative, and throw off my normal adulting duties for a while. Being a little girl for Daddy brings me a different kind of safety, and it's a special type of relationship I just adore. For me, there is a distinction between being someone's "little girl" and being in a "Little" headspace, and I look forward to discussing the diversity of the age play umbrella!*

Seroquil - baby girl

~ Hi I'm Lana, I started my adventure seriously into ageplay about two years ago. I identify as a little but mostly play as a baby. It's become an integral part of my personality. When I play it's a safe space for me to regress to. I love the idea of being taken care of and relinquishing my responsibilities and needs to my caregiver. My favorite things to do are play in my crib with a diaper and a story!

Mamas_Munchkinbaby boy/sissy baby/baby girl

~ My name is Princess Buttercup or Dustin when not playing, I've been in the lifestyle sense I was about 19, which is about the time I figured out what an adult baby was. I'm also a cross dresser and a sissy baby. I've been a sissy baby for probably around the same amount of time, so about 12 years or so. My mommy is DiaperPanda and I actually introduced her to the lifestyle, she plays baby on rare occasions but most of the time she's my Mommy and Mistress. We've been together nearly 5 years, other than that it's been a fun ride and we're also branching into other things like chair and such.

mitts_for_EVERsubmissive daddy/baby boy

~ Mitts is a native of central Florida. He has been involved in the lifestyle (on and off) for 8 years. He has been a part in the Orlando and Jacksonville scene. His dynamic in age play ranges from little boy to submissive daddy - and sometimes anything else in between.


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