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Thursday, January 12, 2017, 06:00pm - 10:00pm
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When: 2nd Thursday each  month
Time: 6 PM - 10 PM. (Munch hosts arrive around 5:30 so come early if you want!) Discussion will start around 7:15PM.
Location: Provided to those who give a definite RSVP.
Confirmations: Will be sent out 2 - 3 days prior to the munch with location & directions.
Cost: Cost of your meal/drinks + be sure to tip your server!


Topic:  Collaring Ceremonies ~ what are they all about?
Presenter:  Ms Lyndsey
~ There will be a presentation & discussion about what collaring ceremonies mean which will include an historical overview of these ceremonies over the years.
~ The discussion will be followed by a Formal Collaring & Hand Fasting Ceremony that all members of the Ocala Munch are invited to attend and take part in.

"Formal Collaring & Hand Fasting Ceremony" of Baysson & AngelatHisMercy

~ Officiant: MamaJaye
~ Those being Joined: Daddy Ray (Baysson) and angel (AngelatHisMercy)


Ms Lyndsey
~ I have been in the life-style now for more than 45 years, having started my "official" life-style journey in 1970 (yes, I was experimenting way before then!) I have gotten to know a lot of people across the US and around the world who I am privileged to be able to call "friend".
~ Besides my current Alpha position with PLK Stables, during the mid to late 1970's, I served as the Alpha in a large private House in Eastern Virginia for almost 9 years where my primary responsibility to the House as its Alpha was the initial training of all House slaves or subs. During that 9 year period I performed the initial training of more than 300 new potential subs/slaves for this House. Besides being the Alpha of the House, I also served as the personal slave to Mistress Amanda, the Assistant House Mistress (the daughter of the House Master & Mistress), whom I had known throughout my K-12 school day years. Yes, we were "childhood" sweethearts!
~ I have been an Ordained Deacon since 1980 and was also Ordained as a "Minister of The Gospel" in 1988. I have seminary training in music, theology, & Pastoral Counseling (specializing in grief counseling), graduate degrees in music (vocal performance), and currently have more than 37 years of experience in grief counseling.
~ I am a MtF trans-woman. I lived secretly as a female for about 9 years in my late teens -> early 20's. I "came-out" as a trans-woman and started living full-time as a female in 2003, then in 2004 I legally changed my name & gender.
~ Since April of 2007, I have been the owned ponygirl, partner, and all around masochist to Tim Ponygroom. We will celebrate 10 years together this April (2017).
~ I am a strong believer in "paying it forward," and as such I have shared, and continue to share, my knowledge with others in the community.

Mama Jaye
~ Her name is Jamila, know as GatorsdarkstarJ, Mama Jaye, or Umm Aziza Jamila, depending on the contact and reason. She's been in the lifestyle since her first experience in 1978. Being in a very private community she traveled to various sites in New York, New Jersey and Philadelphia, Pa. where she conducted presentations on subjects such as: Women in a different style of life and how to love yourself, Middle Eastern Dance, and motivational subjects such as " The sexual woman loving herself," and "Find the love of self through dance." Mama Jaye has performed at various events including Bash in 2002, 2003 and 2004 where she also conducted 3 workshops and dances at the main event.
~ Mama Jaye has taught special education for over 25 years and lived in many different cultures and styles of life.
~ She's presently the owner/operator of Mama Jaye's Healing Concept which is a massage and holistic healing service that incorporates medical massage, Asian body work, Reiki and energy work. Mama Jaye has been a natural healer since the early 80's and has added this craft to her lifestyle and the way she lives within.
~ She is also Mentor and second Mother to Angelathismercy.

Daddy Ray & angel ~ "The Journey Thus Far...."
~ They met unexpectedly. Neither setting out to become involved with anyone, but both hoping to connect with someone, to quell the loneliness, to feel a part of the world again.
~ She would swear she saw a glow around Him when He strolled in...proud, strong, confident. She couldn't help but notice...and wonder (He would claim it was simply the restaurant's lighting playing tricks). He attests that He paid her little attention at first, merely engaging in small talk. Until she got up and participated in the night's demonstration! He admits her clothing hid her body well and as she stood then bent over on command, He finally noticed. "My gosh what an ass she has", He mused to Himself. Her compliance intrigued him to no end, and inspired Him to seek to possess her.
~ He made sure once she sat back down to have their conversation begin again in earnest. Now He needed to know all about her! She became more and more intrigued and drawn to Him, to His philosophies, to His intelligence and to His sense of calmness...which she so needed right now. Once the laughter and giggles began between them, they both seemed to know at that point they were not going to be apart for too long.
~ Their first 'official' date was to go visit one of her friends, actually her Mentor. As she warned Him of her Mentor's certain rule of all woman must be naked in His house, He promised her that if she undressed in front of him, He would take her right then and there. She thought it an amusing boast. As they entered the home and after the proper introductions, He clarified the rule and upon being told it was real, He revealed His promise to His host whose subsequent shrug and "Go for it" comment, let Him know there would be no disrespect involved.
~ So when she fulfilled her obligation to comply, He fulfilled His promise to her. She felt relief, joy and a sense of belonging. She knew she had found the one who would follow through on His word, no matter how sensational and improbable. She had found the one who would lay His claim on her, make her His, take her at His whim and brook no dissent. She had found...The One!
~ The following months involved learning more about each other's idiosyncrasies, each other's goals, each other's desires. They discovered that they are from vastly different fields when it comes to the 'lifestyle', she was BDSM driven, He had a Swinger mindset and the other's world was just as vastly foreign to them (though each had dipped their toes in enough to know some basics). They met and became familiar with each other's family and much to their surprise (being of different races), there was not a drop of drama. They also began attending events together and quickly became known as a 'couple' with compliments offered as to how well the fit together.
~ Their conversations became more focused on building a life together despite some serious hurdles. They were both with spouses (His was in Seattle, she still lived with hers), they both had serious health issues which could cut short their union without warning, they both were not so financially well off that they could go and do on a whim (yet despite that, that's what they seem to accomplish regularly). It became necessary for them to move in together (He had worn out His welcome on someone's sofa and her home had become unsafe to live in). The greatest issue to that was she couldn't and wouldn't in good conscience leave her husband (he also had health issues that needed to be addressed) nor would she allow her youngest to live anywhere without her. So the four of them endeavored to share a house together which almost miraculously presented itself in the 'nick of time'.
~ Since moving in they have had their share of ups and downs including a couple of poly relationships (each of which ending disappointingly), a heart attack (His), two deaths to immediate family (hers), a wedding of a brother (His), His family reunion (where she was pleasantly surprised at how well she was received and welcomed at each function), her son making the Dean's List, another son finally making serious strides at becoming a responsible adult. They revel in the fact that they have a slew of loving and committed friends (those they can play with as well as indulge in vanilla events with). They regret and mourn the friends they've lost due to one reason or another. They've laughed, cried, argued, played as any couple will do. And several times each day they profess and make sure their love for each other is never, EVER questioned. Above all else they look forward to living a long life together...and adding more chapters to this journey!

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