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Ocala Munch
Thursday, July 13, 2017, 06:00pm - 10:00pm
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When: 2nd Thursday each  month
Time: 6 PM - 10 PM. (Munch hosts arrive around 5:30 so come early if you want!) Discussion will start around 7:15PM.
Location: Provided to those who give a definite RSVP.
Confirmations: Will be sent out 2 - 3 days prior to the munch with location & directions.
Cost: Cost of your meal/drinks + be sure to tip your server!



Discussion Topic:  "Flogger Sensations: Mild to Harsh!!"
Presenter:  Dark_W0lf. (see below for more information about our presenter). 

Discussion Topic Description:
~ While most people have a standard image of what a flogger should be, there are many variations to elicit all types of sensations. We will go over floggers, how they are made, and how they are safely used and which ones create the sensation that please your partner. From the soft luxurious touch for the pleasure whore to the extreme pain needed by a heavy bottom, we will look at how not all floggers are created equal.

Who is Dark_W0lf ~

~ I am a life long BDSM enthusiast who has been at this for around 30 years and like everyone, I was once a Newbie. To give the full story of what I’ve done on to get here and what qualifies me to teach would take too long, so here is a brief summary.
~My first public fetish event was a fetish night at a swingers club in early 1990 when I was finally brave enough to take my kink out of the closet. After that night I was hooked and soon became a regular attendee and became involved in my local community. It wasn’t long before I was helping two local Dominants host the first of many BDSM community play parties. Having a degree in photography, I also started photographing several local mistresses for their ads and articles. When the modern internet started, I also became a webmaster for some fetish websites including a couple of small adult websites. I’ve been a photographer at many large fetish events as well as an educator, Dungeon Monitor and I’ve helped run the dungeon at many a wild South Beach party.
~ Throughout my time I have always been creating things to use in BDSM. Home made spreader bars, floggers, whips, along with rope and just about anything else I could make into a pervertible became my earliest fetish toys. It wasn’t until I started taking my crafting seriously that I started making items with a specific purpose or sensation in mind. To help me with my leather work, I was lucky enough to be mentored by Leather Lee who had developed his own brand of swivel floggers. Taking what I learned from Leather Lee, I have applied that to making all types of things for a lot of different sensations like the soft pleasurable touch of fur, a deep thuddy whack, or even a harsh and painful sting.
~ My personal interests typically center around the Damsel in distress fetish as I am a rigger and clothing fetishist. I have been to many classes and demos over the years as I believe you should always keep learning but I’ve also taught classes and given demos at multiple events as well (maybe I should make a list someday). I am very adept with both floggers and whips and often use them in scenes – usually performing a rhythmic beating to music on some willing victim.




Location Venue on the east-side of Ocala.
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